Fotografia mea
Mizil, Prahova, Romania
Eu sunt Elena, reprezentanta focului si a luminii si fiica zeilor, cea mai frumoasa dintre muritoare. Dar, mai presus de orice, sunt Cecilia, patroana muzicii, cea orbita de credinta si de dorinta de a atinge cel mai superior nivel al lumii zeilor.

04 septembrie, 2008

When Demons call we go again... Here comes the demons... Voices in my head Telling me to die Whispering "Goodbye! You will never shine!" When the demon calls I fall into his voice "Cut you with the kinfe, Cause there's no place outside..." But then i find it sweet I cannot fear of it It leads me to a place Where blood it's all the way And i...i love the blood... But, suddenly i come to life Demons are all around They torture everyday Day by day, night by night Though, they give me power To look inside To see if i am really nuts... I'm not... This will never end... :( My wall begins to crumble When demons call...